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In Their Own Words

Testimonials From Family and Residents

The heart of our mission is ensuring happiness of families and their loved ones who are at Carmel Manor. Whether it be short-term rehab, or skilled nursing, there are amenities and services tailored to the unique needs of each resident. In their own words, let residents and their families tell you about life at Carmel Manor:

A Committed Staff, Working With Joy

My dad was only at Carmel Manor for four months. But I know that my family could not have managed those last months without Carmel Manor and the amazing staff there. With severe dementia and a significant loss of strength after a bout of pneumonia, my dad couldn’t live at home anymore and needed comprehensive, personalized care. At Carmel Manor, he got that—and more. His nurses and aides consistently made time to talk to us. They would explain what was going on, answer our questions, and sometimes, just hold our hand. I felt comforted knowing that the people who were taking care of my dad were truly committed to the work they were doing—and that they were doing it with joy. That brought more peace to the end than I ever could have imagined.”

-Judi Ketteler

As Close to Perfect as Possible

With the comforting reassurance and a hug from Sister Kathleen in 2010, Carmel Manor became my second home for about 2 ½ years while my parents resided there. Because I visited daily, I got to know personally many of the staff in most of the departments. Although their jobs were not easy or glamorous, they faithfully carried out their duties with a smile and often under difficult circumstances. It takes special people to work in an environment where people can’t always see or hear, think clearly, or ambulate easily. In addition to residents’ care, the staff was acutely aware of family and visitor needs, including the occasional hug. Thank God Carmel Manor workers were there to truly care for their residents, get to know and love them, and mourn them when they passed. No place on earth is perfect, but we always want the perfect place when it comes to caring for someone we love. After visiting many local nursing homes along with Carmel Manor, I had a “hunch” that Carmel Manor was the place for my parents. It took a lot of trust for me to leave my parents in the care of someone else. However, I’m so glad Carmel Manor was there for them and for me. I’ll be forever grateful for all they’ve done.”

-Trish Eilers

A Second Family

“My Mother was a resident at Carmel Manor for four years. The anxiety-filled days caring for her at home were transformed to love and dedicated care by the nursing staff, aides, administrative staff, housekeeping, dietary, therapy, psychiatric care, and the special visits by the pastoral staff. I did not expect to receive such love and support during this journey. Carmel Manor became my second family. During Mom’s departure, we were nurtured especially by the nursing staff, aides and pastoral staff, and the experience I thought to be impossible was peaceful and precious. My father has been a resident now for two years. The patience and understanding to take care of his needs has been an encouragement and blessing to our family. Even during his most difficult times, he was loved and cared for without any hesitation. I take comfort in knowing that God led me to Carmel Manor.”

-Brenda Prince

Exceptional Care, Cheerful Staff

“I can never thank you enough for all that you did for my aunt and my family during an extremely difficult time. From the very first visit, each and every staff member was very caring and professional. The quality of care given at Carmel Manor was exceptional. The staff was cheerful – from Sister Alice and Merrie Hagemann, to each and every nurse and nurse’s aide. And better yet: the residents seemed very happy. “My aunt was always clean, well fed and cared for. I was very pleased with the physician’s care and was always notified of any small or big medical change. The activities were great when she was able to participate. The grounds and view are just beautiful. I can very easily recommend Carmel Manor to anyone who is looking for caring and quality healthcare for their loved one. Please accept my deep appreciation for your commitment to excellent care.”

-Jeanette Dole

Gifting from God

“My mother was a long-time resident of Carmel Manor. She went to be with The Lord Sunday July 27th. I feel compelled to write you and let you know how well she was treated. Over the years, her health and mood changed, because of her dementia. The staff was patient, kept me informed and communicated with me on a regular basis. Steve, the nurse who mostly worked 2nd. shift, was especially kind and accommodating. They kept refreshments in the room for us and checked in on a regular basis. Everyone from Sr. Alice and Merrie Hagemann to the Aids and even the ladies in the cafeteria visited daily, offered their condolences, prayers and assistance. I could not have asked for or imagined more kindness. Spending the amount of time at the facility last week that we did, we saw a lot of things. All of which was professional, kind and prompt. We were there late at night when no one else was there and the care did not change. It was impressive. I think the job that the staff does is a true calling. I believe this is a gifting from God and they are using it.”

-Steve Dalton

A Special Place

"Until a few years ago, Carmel Manor was just another nursing home to us. But when Dad’s physical and mental capacities became severe—so severe that Mom couldn’t take care of him anymore—we turned to them. It’s very hard to leave your loved one in the care of other people. We quickly realized there wasn’t a better caring staff around than those at Carmel Manor. Not only did they take care of him, they took care of us. From the first-time we stepped inside and met Sr. Alice, we knew it was a special place. My Dad lived at Carmel Manor for nearly 3 years where he enjoyed the respect and excellent care provided by all the staff. My family took great comfort in knowing that Dad was safe and in such loving hands."

-Jeanette Dole

"Feels Like Family"

"It is hard to place a parent in the care of others. Carmel Manor became an integral part of our lives over the past 18 months. The Carmel Manor staff has been a gift from God to our family. The sisters and staff were truly supportive in love, prayer and kindness to our family, but to mom you all were very dear and a source of comfort and safety. Mom told us that she always felt such love and security with the sisters and the staff of Carmel Manor. Our world seems a little empty right now not only because of mom’s passing but also because all of you at Carmel Manor are missed as well. There is a hole in our lives for sure as the loss of mom in her earthly state, but more so there is great rejoicing, our mom has seen the face of God."

-Barbara Leck

"Fantastic Care"

"Carmel Manor staff, my family and I just want to say, “Thank You” for all that you have done in caring for our mother during her stay. Mom would frequently say that she was treated very good by the entire Carmel Manor staff. It was very reassuring to our family to know that our mother was being cared for in such a loving and respectful way. Thank you so much again! "

-Tom WagnerWarmly the Wagner Family

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